Yes, Clients Expect to See Video in your Website Design. Here’s How To Do It Right.

If you want to make an impact and attract clients online in 2019, video is where it’s at. In fact, in 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will revolve around video content. If you’re hoping to grow your business organically through content marketing online, video wins again - viewers are also up to 85% more likely to become clients and paying customers after watching a video online.

Simply throwing a video anywhere on your site isn’t going to live up to the potential this key marketing asset offers your business. Ensuring that video supports and enhances the branding and design on your website is crucial to attract clients. Here are some of the best practices for intelligent and effective design with video content in 2019!

Use video for backgrounds or hero images.

The use of “hero images” as top headers on websites garnered near universal appeal as a design element online, and now it seems to have reached its apex in 2018. Dominating everything from free templates, to custom professional web designs for top brands, this large, strong attention-grabbing header is getting a new creative lease on life with the advent of video hero images and, taking it a step further, video backgrounds.

This hot design trend is artistic, eye catching and best used to set a tone and elicit an emotional reaction - but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Proceed with caution! Video and motion can ultimately be nothing more than a fancy distraction if your video isn’t serving a specific purpose.

Using a video in your header “hero” image or in the background of your site shouldn’t compete with your content, but rather complement it.  Masking your hero video with a light screen or dark overlay will still leave your message or CTA front and centre, and improve readability.




Because video in this case is being used exclusively for aesthetic design purposes, this is the only case where you won’t want to include the video controls, or the “Scrubber”, because they will serve no purpose in a looping background or header.

Sometimes a great design can bring with it a site that loads slower than a 28.8k modem (tech nerd joke alert), and that's no good. You want your site to load quickly every time, especially since 47% of people expect a page to load in 2 seconds or lessAs a quick fix, you should use a short 5-10 second clip and loop it to keep your file size low, and the wow factor high.

Don’t rely on video alone to communicate your message.

Because video is such a powerful communication tool, you may be tempted to let your video content do all the talking. This would not be prudent, as there’s no guarantee people are going to watch the video you’ve made at all.

Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement. If you’re offering complex services that would take longer to communicate to your online audience, make sure that your video is paired with written content, like Waterbridge Media did on their homepage.


Remember, in some cases people will not be in a situation where they can watch your video with the audio on (for example, when browsing at work, tsk tsk tsk.) Adding captions can help get around this, but keeping static text on your site is still a must. Even a brief summary of the video can be helpful, and will spark curiosity.

Leave the tools built in, and turn the sound off.

As mentioned at the start of this article, unless you're using video in lieu of a hero image or a background, you should leave the “scrubber” and other video controls available, rather than hide them.

Video content that does not allow for pausing, rewinding, or fast forwarding is an irritating pain point for your potential customers, and worse, it comes across as spammy. If you’re concerned that your content won’t be engaging enough to keep the attention span of your online audience, you should get back to the drawing board to create a video with value, rather than trying to cram your content down their ungrateful throats.

iphone-fine-scrubbing^THIS IS A SCRUBBER

Video that plays automatically is another trend you may want to skip, despite the recent surge in autoplay on various online news outlets, who adopted this design element and are running it into the ground. If you decide that a video that launches and starts to play as soon as someone visits your site is a must, make sure that the sound is set to mute. Giving control and empowering your online audience to explore your content on their own terms makes for a better user experience and should be part of any design planning.


At Iversoft we see omni-channel marketing as the best solution to grow any professional services business. Our mix of digital marketing, next-gen technology, video production with our partners at Waterbridge Media and our mobile solutions are cohesive and create a connected experience to attract clients - and keep them.  Start a conversation with our team today!

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