Iversoft announces partnership with omNovos to create new digital experience for renowned Ontario Grocer, Farm Boy

Ottawa, June 6th, 2018 [OTTAWA, ON] – Iversoft, one of North America’s leading full stack digital agencies, announced today that it has partnered with global omni-channel solution expert, omNovos, to help create a new and highly unique digital experience for one of Canada’s largest grocery chains, Farm Boy.

The integration between Iversoft and omNovos tackles an industry opportunity to create a robust digital experience that encompasses all facets of modern customer engagement. Data has come to represent the future of success for retailers, providing tangible and meaningful results that cannot happen without real and relevant customer data. For this reason, the partnership between Iversoft and omNovos has been formed to create a highly personalized experience for the Farm Boy customer.

Iversoft’s role is to deliver the front-end design and development of both Farm Boy’s website and mobile apps, bringing industry expertise in user experience design (UX)—a cornerstone in the newly planned engagement strategy. As well, the company will continue to manage Farm Boy’s digital marketing and advertising.

As for omNovos, the company’s renowned Personalized Automated Customer Engagement Platform (PACE) will be the engine to deliver real-time business intelligence and the comprehensive retail management component. PACE will enable Farm Boy to leverage all customer profile information for a 360-degree view and management of all retail channels, including in-store, mobile, and online.

The two companies have been an integral part of the strategic development phase, working closely with Farm Boy to discover the power of an integrated digital marketing and digital transformation technology experience.

“This project is not about creating just another app or website,” explained Matt Strentse, Iversoft COO, and Co-Founder. “It’s about leveraging Farm Boy’s existing experience and making it even better, more interactive, and more personalized—the foundation that has come to represent the Farm Boy way.”

“We’re excited about implementing our PACE platform,” said Andrew Armstrong, omNovos Chief Customer Officer. “It’s a project that will extend Farm Boy’s customers’ experience beyond the store to digital platforms and mobile devices—fulfilling its customers’ expectations and demands. We’re delighted and proud to be a partner in this project to develop a secure infrastructure and digital platform for Farm Boy.” 

This partnership integrates marketing practices, expert user experience design and a robust technology platform, Farm Boy’s digital transformation will be data and customer centric, for the ultimate connected retail experience.


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