How Your Business Can Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is at the core of every business success story. And in 2017, technology should be an integral part of every company’s customer service strategy. From beacons to mobile apps, technology is changing the relationship between companies and consumers. Your customers are expecting instant, accessible, and top-quality service. Is your business ready to deliver? Here’s how tech-savvy companies are taking customer service to the next level.

Touchscreens: An Enriched Experience

Touchscreen solutions offer customers an enhanced, interactive experience. For example, homebuyers can take a virtual tour of potential properties to get an accurate idea of size, design and layout. They can also virtually explore different neighbourhoods and filter by desired amenities. In the restaurant industry, touchscreens allow customers to add or remove ingredients to create their ideal order. Large format touch takes everything from model homes to menus and brings them to life. Customers are able to visualize and personalize their order before opening their wallets. As a result, the final product is exactly what they expect – and exactly what they want. 

Websites: Digital Problem-Solving

A website is a 24/7 customer service expert. How often do your customers have the same question or request? A website is like hitting Reply All; one landing page can solve the same problem for thousands of different customers. And no one has to wait on hold for 45 minutes. Instead, your customers can easily access features such as installation videos, order forms, updated stock, return policies, complaint forms, and opening times. A well-made website will answer your customers’ questions before they even think to ask. Building an accessible website is now easier than ever. With options like PageCloud, creating an informative website is as easy as dragging and dropping your content.

Beacons: Increased Communication

Beacons are the best way to communicate with your customers in a timely, personalized manner. Once a business has a beacon in place, it uses GPS-based technology to send relevant messages to a nearby customer’s smartphone. For example, someone walking near your clothing store will receive a notification with product information and a discount code. By reaching out to customers at the point-of-sale, beacons make their shopping experience easy and convenient. Beacons can also provide valuable information and assistance. For example, airports use beacons to send customers personalized flight updates and directions to their gate, creating a stress-free travel day. Location-based messaging increases customer service by communicating with customers when and where it is most useful to them.

Mobile Apps: Instant Gratification

Whether it’s a drive downtown or a restaurant reservation, customers are used to getting service now. Going mobile is the best way to provide your customers with the accessibility they have come to expect and enjoy. A custom mobile app keeps your customers connected to your product at all times; it is an instant portal for information, communication, and commerce. Regardless of your industry, if you’re not on-the-go then you’re on the way out.

Is your business using technology to give your customers what they want? Whether you are looking to upgrade your website, invest in beacons, or learn more about custom apps, we’d love to help!



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