How to Choose the Right Technology Partner

Let’s face it, regardless of the size, scope, or industry; your business needs technology to operate, connect with customers and stakeholders, and ultimately, compete. Regardless if you have a highly experienced in-house team or no technical expertise at all, hiring a technology partner to help you assess your technology needs, identify the right approach and roadmap, and ultimately build the right solution is as important as hiring an external accountant or legal team.

So, how do you find the right technology partner for your business? There are many developer agencies, companies, freelancers, and offshore teams out there. This means you will be presented with a wide variety of proposed approaches, costs, and solutions. Here's how you can stay ahead and choose the right team to work with to achieve your corporate goals:

Review their past projects.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of a technology partner’s pedigree is its past projects. Take a look through the company’s portfolio and consider both the quantity and quality of their work. All projects are different, so the number doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best, the quality of work is what matters most.  

Also, take a look at what it has been up to lately. Are the projects recent or were they developed on first-generation hardware? Technology moves fast, and you need to know that the team you work with are knowledgeable and always looking forward to what is coming up next.

Ask about the team's experience, background, and culture.

Even a developer with a small portfolio may be sitting on a goldmine of design and development knowledge in its team. Ask not only about the company’s experience but that of the team members backgrounds. Finding people that have worked in your industry and know their way around your world will help navigate the entire process from discovery through to completion.  

Company culture is another important factor to ensure a successful relationship. Do you align with the culture and goals of the technology partner? A good test is to ask yourself if you would be proud to see your name next to theirs in a news story.

Check what past clients have said.

Recommendations and testimonials can go a long way in representing the quality of the team. People rarely provide testimonials for mediocre work (ever read a "2.5 stars - would eat here again" review on Yelp?), so you can be assured of quality when multiple past clients have provided positive remarks.

Take into consideration the weight these testimonials have as well. Are they coming from companies within your industry? This is another indicator on how well the developer knows what it’s doing with regards to your business, industry, and operations.

Don't make a choice solely on price.

Like any professional service, there will be some people willing to do the work for 20% of the cost of another - and in some cases, this could make for a great bargain. But, be careful when choosing a developer solely on price. What may start as a low hourly rate or fixed price could easily multiply in cost if you're looking to be involved in the process.

Also, a lower price may mean the developer is using an out-of-the-box solution that your competitor may already be using. Consider the value of having a custom solution unique to your business.

Still not sure? Start small.

In the end, you have to do what's best for your brand and project. Sometimes that means mitigating the risk of a larger project and starting small - with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). This will help you test your concept, explore the environment, and get familiar with the process without committing on a large scale. An MVP will often have fewer features than the end product, but getting something to your customers is sometimes better than delaying the "perfect" app.

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