Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone

For some of us, it can be hard to recall the time before smartphones came along and made our world a little more connected. Be you an Apple, Android, or Blackberry enthusiast; the fact remains that when Apple released the first iPhone on June 29th, 2007, the cellular landscape was changed forever. Ten years ago, a computer was something that lived exclusively in your home, and a cell phone was definitely not going to fit into your pocket or purse. Today, the idea of not being able to transfer data seamlessly between the two seems rather unthinkable.

"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." - Steve Jobs.


The very first iPhone was a first of its kind; combining an iPod, a phone, and an internet connection all in one device. Operating exclusively by touch, the sleek touchscreen capabilities were akin to something straight out of science-fiction. In was completely revolutionary. Thanks in large part to Apple and Steve Jobs, the iPhone paved the way for the modern, sophisticated devices we use now. Many of us use our smartphones exclusively for menial tasks such as waking up on time, buying movie tickets, calculating, ordering groceries, and even checking the weather. We even entrust it to handle more sophisticated and sensitive tasks such as work email, connecting remote workers via apps such as Slack and HipChat, and even our banking. The original iPhone did not have all the intuitive functionality that today's models come equipped with; it came armed with a few stock apps, and a smattering more that you could download via the app store. Fortuoutusly, Iversoft's inception happened shortly after the iPhone turned the cellular world on it's ear. Our Solitaire Classic mobile game was among the very first apps to ever hit the app store, and we've been developing mobile apps ever since.

Tim Cook WWDC

As we come out of the post WWDC 2017 buzz, Apple has already intrigued us with their announcements of ARKit, the new iOS 11, and some excellent additions to their hardware lineup. So, what of the new iPhone? With fall on the horizon, many iPhone enthusiasts and mobile app makers are excited to see what the 10th anniversary iPhone has in store. Rumors have hinted at things such as a redesigned screen, facial-recognition technology, and wireless charging. Such enhancements could propel customers previously underwhelmed with the changes to past iPhone versions. But true to Apple's product secrecy protocols, nobody will know for sure what Apple has in store for the 10th anniversary until the product announcement last this year.


In looking back, The New York Times first called the iPhone "not for everyone" and considered Apple's newest product a "gamble." They go on to comment "the phone is a gamble on a new business for Apple. And even with its success with the iPod and a reborn line of computers, it has not been immune to marketplace failures, like the Macintosh Cube introduced in 2000." That gamble has led to Apple being one of the Tech giants and innovators of our generation, and they continue to help propel our mobile-centric world forward.

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