Is Canadian Near-Shoring the Next Mobile Growth Hack?

In a word, yes. But, if you've never heard the term "near-shoring", you wouldn't be alone. Wikipedia defines near-shoring as "the outsourcing of business processes, especially IT processes, to companies in a nearby country, often sharing a border with the target country."

Basically, outsourcing means sending work to distant foreign borders, whereas near-shoring keeps work and projects close to home. And while outsourcing services is not a new practice, partnering with Canadian tech companies is a mobile growth hack gaining in popularity. Near-shoring to Canada isn't just a cost-effective measure, it's a strategic business move that will propel your mobile strategy forward. 

Let's say you're an American business owner. You have a great idea for a mobile app, but you're not exactly sure how to get started. The first question you are likely to ask yourself is, "who's going to develop this app?" Maybe you have in-house resources at your disposal, but that does not necessarily mean that developing the app yourself should be your go-to strategy.

According to, "By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations' capacity to deliver them." That is a ton of mobile development on the horizon. Would your in-house developers be able to keep up with demand, while at the same time staying on top of core projects? If the answer is no, handing over your mobile project to a specialty mobile agency just might be your solution. The mobile era is here, and you don't want to get left behind. Here are some significant benefits of near-shoring with Canadian mobile agencies. 

1- Proximity:

In mobile development, time is money and every moment of productivity counts. When collaborating companies operate during similar business hours, loss of productivity is minimal. This, in turn, facilitates collaboration between team members, a critical aspect of the software development process where SCRUM methodologies are utilized.

During the development process, timing is everything so having the ability to talk to your teammates when you need them is invaluable. As a leading-edge mobile agency that embraces Agile development methods, we get just how important team connectivity is. We start every new project with a big kick-off meeting where Account Managers, Developers, and Project Managers are all present. Thanks to our proximity perks, being in attendance for these sessions poses no issue for our American clients.

For clients who absolutely cannot be present, temporal advantages allow them to attend virtually, via video chat. Next; we send development prototypes to our clients with an essential piece of software called InVision. By utilizing InVision, we give our clients access to their prototypes as soon as they're ready. In turn, clients can then give us decisive feedback, keeping project timelines on time. Take our work with HarperCollins, for example. Their main office is located in New York, and their Harlequin division is housed in their Toronto office. We were able to seamlessly coordinate across the two main offices to bring their mobile project to life. Thanks in large part to the proximity and temporal benefits between New York, Toronto, and Ottawa, all parties involved felt like they were dealing with their in-house staff. 

2- Culture:

Canada and the USA have very similar cultural norms. American companies can count on comparable business practices, as well as adherence to shared social norms. In fact, the United States has been reaping these benefits for some time; EA, IBM, Dell, HP, and Microsoft are just some examples of American companies with thriving offices located all across Canada. 

According to "Canada provides resources for 30% of the United States' sourcing market"  When working with foreign outsourced talent, differences in business practices could unfortunately lead to unforseen project delays and costs. True, the cost of a software developer from Canada will cost more initially than one from India, China, or the Philippines; but in the long run, dealing with a tech firm that understands your mobile vision saves both time and money. Unexpected project expenses can also sneak up on you when UX and mobile designs are sub-standard. It can be difficult to design an intuitive and responsive app when you don't fully understand the cultural need behind it's creation.

Thankfully, Canada and the USA can draw from a network of professionals with identical levels of skills and trainings. During the planning stage for our work with Audi, a tremendous amount of time was saved because our dev teams not only understood the vision of their project, they knew precisely what needed to be done to deliver the end-result. 

3- Cost:

The almighty dollar. Many high-level corporate decision can be boiled down to one simple question " How much is this going to cost?" One of the greatest perks of near-shoring to Canada is saving on your budget. With the Canadian dollar being lower in value than that of the American dollar, a little bit of budget goes further working in Canada.

Furthermore, if team members have to travel between the two collaborating companies, flights from Boston or New York City to Toronto or Ottawa start as low as $371.98, round trip. That unquestionably beats a flight to the UK or India. Not to mention the Canadian federal government offers a range of tax credits to offset development costs further. The only caveat for American business looking to profit from these tax benefits is they have to be in partnership with a Canadian firm.  

So, if your business has been bouncing around the idea of outsourcing its next mobile project, why not sit down with a Canadian tech company and let them show you what they can bring to the table!

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