Celebrating Eight Years of Shaping the Digital Landscape

As we embark on our ninth year of business and close out another year, we find ourselves reflecting on the past 12 months. This year was one for the books. We saw incredible growth in revenue and our team, and announced the acquisition of two companies. We expanded our service offerings and partnered with incredible businesses to provide the best possible digital solution to our clients. I say "we" because if you work for Iversoft, you have a major part to play in its success. While Vicki Iverson and Matt Strentse founded the company, they have elevated the team and encouraged each person to take pride in their work. Every opinion is welcomed and helps to shape a truly finessed product. 

Iversoft, once a two-person endeavour, has now grown to over 30 people. I've been here for close to two years and was the 11th hire on the books, and I'm happy to say I've been around to witness Iversoft's flourishing success. So, what is Iversoft doing differently that has led to this uptick in success? Well, for starters, Iversoft thinks big. We do some cool stuff, and we do it well. We're focused on the next big thing. Maybe that's VR; maybe it's IoT (Internet of Things), maybe it's a new programming language. Whatever it is, we get ahead of the curve and specialize in it before anyone else does. We understand our clients want to be on the cutting-edge of technology, so we make sure we're well versed on next-gen tech to help them get there.

Iversoft is opportunistic. A couple of months back we announced the acquisition of ReSoMe, one of Ottawa's top digital marketing agencies. There was no doubt that we're able to provide impressive digital solutions to our clients but were missing something - the ability to provide them with the tools and expertise to build their brand, engage their users, and drive sales during and after the product has been delivered. So, we saw the opportunity to bring that offering in-house and jumped on it. We could help our clients make more intelligent business decisions, thus came our Digital Marketing and Analytics division. 

Great apps are about more than just lines of code. So are we. Our team is dynamic, talented, and supremely capable. I'm always impressed with the varied skill set of the individuals that come through these doors every day. If we find a gap in our skills set, we hire the person who can fill it. If a team member wants to expand their knowledge? Well, we help them do that too by offering additional training. Iversoft is about to roll out its Sandbox Program. You pitch your idea and then receive time to work on growing your brain. 

Iversoft team

What is most remarkable is how Iversoft gives back. Through volunteering, charitable giving, sponsorship of events, and workshops, Iversoft provides support that helps to strengthen the community and tech ecosystem. While Iversoft and many members of our team have been doing their part for years, we decided to roll out a Community Program this year. We encourage our team to donate their time by carving some out from our busy work schedules to give back. What is important to our team, is important to the company. 

As we continue to work on improving and creating a more inclusive digital landscape in Ottawa, we realize that no matter how big or small we are, we can make a difference. Happy employees working on solving meaningful problems? It's a little bit easier to find the drive to get up every morning. Here's hoping our ninth year is our best yet and cheers to the team that will undoubtedly make it so.

About Iversoft

Iversoft offers a full range of services to create engaging digital experiences. Whether you need an app, a game, next gen tech, marketing, or any combination, we are there from concept and strategy to design and development, to deployment and marketing.


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