3 Impressive Things That Happen When You Start Giving Back.

Giving back to your community needs to be a priority in your business model if you're looking to be successful in today's world. Be it from making financial donations, sponsoring an event, or by hosting a workshop to teach new skills; all businesses possess the expertise to make impactful changes.

The technology industry, in particular, has a responsibility to get involved as we excel in areas where non-profits can struggle. Be it from creating modern and responsive website designs, or building a customized mobile app, technology companies possess in-demand skills. 

So what's in it for you? Businesses that have embraced this industry mentality have been warmly received by the modern consumer, and have built very loyal followings. Companies like BoxLunch donate meals to people in need with every $10 purchase, and We Wood is an artisanal watch company that plants a tree for every watch they sell. Startups looking to establish themselves will find that getting involved in social good can help pave the way towards being a household name.

Employees Respect Leaders Who Do Good.

Your best brand ambassadors are the ones that come into your office every day. So, who better to be the evangelists of your brand than those who experience it the most? In today's instant-sharing digital culture, it plays to your best advantage to have employees that freely advertise your company's culture.

Our corporate culture is something we all cherish. Probably the biggest aspect of it is a love of animals; our much doted on office dogs can attest to it. Don't believe us? Check our Instagram! So, it was only natural for us to work with the Ottawa Humane Society. With our specialties being web and mobile app design, we ended up creating two beautiful native apps geared towards helping the OHS receive mobile payment donations and promote adoptions. Since many of us here have fur-children of our own, working on this project felt hugely rewarding to our whole team. Not to mention when employee morale is up, it helps solidify loyalty. Happy employees don't leave good companies.

Networking Opportunities

"Philanthropy is the gateway to power" -Bert Cooper, Mad Men. Some of the biggest philanthropic companies are the "who's who" of the technology world. One example is Facebook. They invested millions of dollars into the infrastructure of Menlo Park when the tech giant took over the old Sun Microsystems campus. Another is Salesforce's integrated give-back model. They employ a company-wide 1/1/1 model; donating 1% of their resources, 1% of their profits, and 1% of their employees' time to charitable causes.

There's no denying that today's technology leaders are genuinely interested in charitable actions. However, you don't need to have millions at your disposal to make a difference. The 1/1/1 model can be rolled out by any organization interested in charity work. Your time and skill set can make just as much of an impact as your money. Getting involved can open up networking doors that would normally cost a small fortune to access; not something every startup can afford. Becoming a mentor or volunteering is an excellent way to meet some industry gurus in your area.

Our CTO, Vicki Iverson regularly donates her time and knowledge to the Ottawa tech community. She volunteers with groups such as Microsoft YouthSpark, she mentors youth looking to enter STEM fields, and as such she provides valuable access to entrepreneurial Ottawa business owners. She's been able to act as a STEM guide, all the while being an important resource herself for anyone looking to connect within the Ottawa technology scene.

Hacking the Hiring Process.

Millennials. They are the generation currently taking the workforce by storm. Not only are they heavily invested in community efforts and socially conscious companies, but they even spearheaded the Certified B Corps movement.

For a company to earn its B Corp ranking, they must meet incredibly high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corp rankings are to businesses what Fair Trade certifications are to coffee. On top of that, the millennial impact report showed that 87% of millennials donate to various charities, despite being the generation most crippled by debt. You only have to look at the success stories of companies like Toms and Warby Parker to see that millennials are actively demanding that corporations raise the bar when it comes to doing modern business. So naturally, when it comes to recruiting these young professionals, having a business model in place that cares about more than just profit margins goes a long way.

It's abundantly clear that millennials are looking to make an impact with more than just their bank accounts, they're choosing to align themselves with companies that make a social difference. For employer awards, categories such as " Social Impact: The Year's Most Impactful Startup" are becoming commonplace. Ignoring the growing importance of having your company engaged in social good means risking being overlooked by choice talent. So whether you're a startup looking to make your name, or a business trying to recruit fresh talent, giving back in authentic ways must be a fundamental element of your business model.


Have a community project that requires some technical expertise? Alternatively, maybe you're a non-profit looking to take the plunge into mobile? You can start by reading our what to expect when you are expecting an app ebook. We build custom apps for businesses and groups looking to take the plunge into the mobile world. Our dedicated team combines the best of development, design, user experience, and management to create the ultimate mobile solution for your needs. If this sounds like something you'd like to chat about, we'd love to hear from you. 

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